• Yes. You don’t need extra device like BLE Bescon, because AirBeacon uses existing Wireless signals which you can use in your mobile phone.

  • Indoor coverage is within 10 meters, outdoor coverage is within 20 meters.
  • With iPhone, AirBeacon has more wide range, but has some decrease in detection rate.
  • The coverage range may vary depending on the wireless environment and the phone model.

  • Minimum requirements for AirBeacon are to have Android OS version 4.3 later.
  • AirBeacon for iOS is under developing.

  • We recommend use of Android smart phones launched after 2014 – Samsung GALAXY S4 or later, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 or later, LG G3 or later – (According to Apple’s policy, AirBeacon registering cannot work in iPhone)

  • In places where there is no wireless signal (such as Wi-Fi), or weak signal, it is hard to make a unique value for your location, and to register AirBeacon.

  • Yes, You can use AirBeacon in the vehicle running at less than 20km/h.

  • Yes, PoinsNavi can. But the positioning accuracy decreases around 5 meters.

  • Yes, we recommend installing our recommended BLE beacons at 30m-50m intervals to improve the positioning accuracy.
  • Especially for iPhone, Accuracy and stability may be increased depending on the situation, if you install BLE beacons.

  • You only need to modify the changed map and re-measure it.

  • Yes, our 2D map is actually a 2.5D map and has some 3D effects